2 sopranos, piano, percussion, sound track, video

duration: 25 minutes

Mikae Natsuyama, Gabi Wagschal, sopranos

Marion von Tilzer, piano

Hans Asselbergs, percussion

cast: Danielle van Vree, David Weber-Krebs, Emmy van Lier, Ger van der Grijn

camera: Lennert Hillege

film production: inexcelsisvideo

commissioned by NFPK and AFK

premiere: December 13 2002, Korzo, Den Haag.

March 2003: double bill at the Ballett Frankfurt of William Forsythe.

Int. prem. Weimar Festival, in collaboration with the Ballet Frankfurt

in memory of Hans Asselbergs. Friend, colleague, inspiration and collaborator.


TAST is a project in which film, composition, choreography and sound melt into one experience.

In two scenes, two couples struggle for contact. The first pair, in their sterile white-on-white endless Ikea-living room, a young couple find their book-reorganizing ritual disturbed by a severe nosebleed. They try to hang on to their choreography in an ever ongoing circle, driven on by the camera which is driving in circles all the time.

The second scene sets a warm homely feeling with a very old couple going through their daily rituals, albeit in total darkness. They have breakfast, do dishes, play piano, play records and dance; all in the dark, always searching for the other one. Their contact is loving and trusted, though surrounded by an uncomfortable emptiness. This scene was filmed using infrared technology; the actors were actually in the dark.

In the composition two sopranos sing Gregorian, timeless melodies: weaving in and out of phase with each other. Piano and percussion form the percussive and more modern counterparts of the composition, although they are obstructed and manipulated by the electronics, working both with and against them.

The result is a film and live music performance of 25 minutes. The musicians perform right in front of the screen, like they did in the times of the silent movies.

TAST permiered in Korzo theatre The Hague in 2001, where it was picked up by a talent spotter from the world famous William Forsythe Dance Company (then based in Frankfurt). Quite soon after TAST was performed in their Frankfurt theatre too, double-billing with a new work by choreographer Prue Lang.

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Tast was filmed in a custom made set on location (NDSM ship wharf in Amsterdam, 2002). To capture the right grain director of photography Lennert Hillege decided to film on 16mm film. Back in 2001 digital video was not even at a decent HD level yet. The second scene however with the actors in darkness was shot with a night-vision video camera that produces a greenish grainy image.


Danielle van Vree, David Weber-Krebs, Emmy van Lier, Ger van der Grijn

regie & compositie: Arnoud Noordegraaf

mimografie: Danielle van Vree and Arnoud Noordegraaf

camera: Lennert Hillege

camera assistent: Rolf Dekens

licht: Aage Hollander

best boy: Pieter de Beyer

art department: Esther Vossen

decorbouw: Werner Buijtenhek

grip: Frans Leiwakabessy (Gripwise)

first assistant: Teyl van Beest

set assistent: Luuk Vierhout

foley en geluidsmixage: Wart Wamsteker

make-up: Claudette Voorn

kledingontwerp en kleedster Renate Beatrice Munneke

catering: Jasha Meijer & Martien Stegeman

montage on-line Maarten Wemelsfelder (Tenfold)

musici: Mikae Natsuyama, Tanja Obalski, Marion von Tilzer, Hans Asselbergs

opnametechniek: Guido Tichelman

muziekstudio: Grasland Haarlem

geproduceerd door Arnoud Noordegraaf & Teijl van Beest

co-producent: Korzo Muziekproducties


licht EFF rigging Jurlights, Mark Flipphi & Jurjen Hesseling stock Kodak en Tapes negatiefontwikkeling Cineco scanning en tape to tape Valkiezer

met speciale dank aan: John Trehy (Holland Equipment) Mark van Bree (Kemna Casting) Tenfold
Henk Willem Spruit (BV Muizium) Bas Andries, Joris Pinkster, Remco Wagenaar, Jan-Willem Wit Jantien Gerdes, Michel van der Aa, Geert Jonkers, Jasper Wolf Manon van Melick, Iris Otten, Vanessa Vermolen

deze productie werd mede mogelijk gemaakt door:
Fonds voor de Podiumkunsten, VSB Fonds, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst



Making of featurette

by Gonny Gaakeer