violin solo, samples, video projection, light.

composed and directed by Arnoud Noordegraaf

written for Monica Germino


premiered: November 23, 2010. Huddersfield Festival, UK

Fugue is a composition that is not a fugue. The title refers to a dissociative disorder where someone's identity is split into multiple parts. The composition plays with the disorder by using dynamic and structural contrasts: fragile, muffled lines alternate with strong and bright moments.

And a reoccurring dark layer underneath, a deeper ground that hints to a tragic history, usually the cause of this disorder.

Fugue is written for solo violin, and solo it's meant to be. The performer triggers surround-audio samples, video and light cues all from a single foot pedal. It sounded like rocket science at start but turned out quite manageable for digital daredevil Monica Germino and sound engineer Frank van der Weij.

Positioned behind a gauze screen, the violinist is playing live, on video, and both at the same time, duetting with her own image. Only briefly interrupted by the startling image of a young girl, staring blankly into the concert hall.

Written for Monica Germino’s “Deviation” concert program, premiered in Huddersfield, UK. Subsequently she performed the piece in Amsterdam and New York.

concert video excerpt

Monica Germino performing "Fugue" at Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, UK